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Welcome to Doctors of Physical Therapy

Our goal is simple; provide the best therapy possible by the best therapists around!

Doctors of PhysicalTherapy Doctors of Physical Therapy was founded in 2005 by Dr. Aaron N. Kraai, PT, DPT out of a growing frustration with the current service offering in physical therapy. Dr. Kraai came to realize after being employed for a large hospital based clinic, that most physical therapy companies view physical therapy as an ancillary service and profit center, instead of providing quality patient care to the patient.

Dr. Kraai’s goal quickly became to redirect the focus of physical therapy back to healing and long-term patient results. His vision of providing a top-notch experience provided by the best physical therapists who have doctorate level degrees quickly became reality, and Doctors of Physical Therapy as we now know it was born. Doctors of Physical Therapy is owned and operated by a physical therapist, with the main goal to consistently help patients achieve faster, long term relief. It is our dedication to excellent patient care that will sustain our reputation and help us improve the lives of thousands of patients.

We believe that all patients, regardless of insurance, financial limitations, location, or medical affiliation, deserve top-notch care delivered by clinicians to relieve their pain or functional limitation.

“DPT therapists/staff are highly trained, professional and emphasize quality of care.”